Established in 2006

The Sacramento Independent Learning Center Corporation (SILCC) was established in late 2006. As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization its mission is to provide support and assistance to school districts and other non-profits seeking to improve the academic, social and personal lives of K-12 students. Services provided include staff training; administrative and teacher mentoring; plan writing and review; student leadership training; cultural competency audits, training and plan development; and parent recruitment and training for LCAP and general school purposes.

SILCC Leadership

The leadership of SILCC is composed of individuals who have experienced long careers as educators and have made significant changes and/or improvement to the profession. That leadership includes former teachers, counselors, administrators, and assistant superintendents. Several members have experience as cultural competency trainers, cultural competency plan developers and crisis mediators.

Our Partnerships

To further its outreach the SILC Corporation has developed many partnerships that support and enhance its work in the Sacramento community. Those partnerships include: The CA Endowment, Vision 2000, Sacramento Area Black Caucus, Sierra Health, La Familia, Hmong Women Heritage, African Institute, Fathers and Families, Roberts Family Development Center, Black Parallel School Board, Children Now, United College Action Network, Inc, A Black Education Network (ABEN) and Public Counsel.