Improving Services to Kids

The Sacramento Independent Learning Center Corporation (SILCC) was established in late 2006. Its mission is to provide support and assistance to school districts and other non-profits seeking to improve the academic, social and personal lives of TK-12 students.

Black Parallel School Board

SILCC is not only the funding agency for the Black Parallel School Board but also provides program and resource support to its programs and…


Positive School Climate Workshops

The SILC Corporation has developed a school climate audit process to assess the strengths and weaknesses of related…



Cultural Audits and Reports

The SILC Corporation conducts school audits to assist school sites in developing cultural competency improvement plans and provide ongoing…


Student Leadership Training

The SILC Corporation assist and supports schools in creating programs that develop and support campus leaders that participate in all school…



Darryl White

Chief Operating Officer

Barbara Saunders


Connie Wallace


Blog Posts and Updates

Black Parallel School Board Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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